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our purpose

The purpose of the Kahiau Community Assistance Program (KCAP) is to provide one-time emergency financial assistance (up to $1500) to Native Hawaiian beneficiaries facing hardship due to an unexpected crisis. KCAP is made possible through a grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs and aims to provide stability for Native Hawaiians during emergency situations.

what we fund

The Kahiau Program currently funds:

  • mortgage payment

  • rent deposit

  • rent payment

  • utility services

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  • 18 years of age or older

  • Native Hawaiian

  • Resident of the state of Hawaiʻi

  • Proof of Hardship

  • Past due or "soon to be" past due bill 


  • Documents that MUST be uploaded to be considered:

    • To prove residency and 18 years+ 

      • Hawaii Drivers License/State ID

    • Proving Native Hawaiian ancestry (one of the following)

      • Birth Certificate

      • OHA Hawaiian Registry Card

      • Kamehameha Verification

      • DHHL Lease or Waitlist

    • Proof of hardship (one of the following)

      • Paystub reflecting a decrease in wages/hours

      • Notice from employer reporting furlough, layoff or termination

      • Bank statements showing stop or decrease in automatic deposits

      • Unemployment approval letter

      • Death certificate

    • Utility, rent or mortgage statement showing a past due or "soon to be" past due. (please ensure the payee information is included on the statement)

This program is funded

through a grant with the

Office of Hawaiian Affairs

The Kahiau Program has received over 2,500 applications.  While our goal is to assist everyone, we are giving priority to those who turn in all required documents.  We encourage you to closely follow the guidelines above.  

Please read before continuing

To better support applicants – we have undergone some system advancements. If you are experiencing a financial lost due to a debilitating illness, injury, or death or are currently at risk from being evicted, facing foreclosure, termination of utility services (electric, water, or gas), or similar exigent time-sensitive situations such as relocation, please click on "Non-COVID-19 Impact Application” to begin the application process.


If you are experiencing a financial lost directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic, please click on “COVID-19 Impact Application” to begin the application process.

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